How to renew the Golden Visa?

The renewal of the Golden Visa is an issue of great relevance for those who wish to maintain their residency status in Spain. The Golden Visa is a special regime that gives foreign investors the opportunity to obtain residency in Spain in exchange for a significant investment in the country.

The renewal of the Golden Visa is a necessary process for those who wish to extend their stay in Spain and continue enjoying the benefits and opportunities that this program offers. In order to carry out the renewal, it is important to comply with certain requirements and present the corresponding documentation.


Common requirements for Golden Visa renewal include :

  • Maintain the initial investment for the required time,
  • Demonstrate that valid medical insurance has been maintained and
  • Have sufficient financial means to cover their own and their family’s needs.

It is also important to mention that the renewal of the Golden Visa may vary depending on the type of investment chosen. For example, those who chose to invest in real estate must demonstrate the acquisition of the property, its maintenance and its current value.


It is essential to take into account the deadlines established for the renewal of the Golden Visa, since failure to comply with these deadlines may result in the loss of residency status in Spain. Therefore, it is advisable to start the renovation process well in advance and to have professional advice to ensure that it is carried out correctly.

In summary, the renewal of the Golden Visa is crucial for those who wish to maintain their residency status in Spain. Complying with the requirements and submitting the necessary documentation within the established deadlines is essential to ensure a successful renewal. Remember that having the support of experts in the field is essential to carry out this process efficiently and satisfactorily.

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